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(Includes regulatory compliance paperwork)


Why choose us?

Running a small business is a very busy lifestyle choice with the founder fulfilling most of the business functions ranging from marketing to operations as well as administrative filing and finance as well as strategic decision making.  Trust us to lend our expertise in your end-to-end solutions.  We will take a curative view to ensure that your business endeavors are met with the greatest support with our suite of business solutions.  With a strong local presence in Indonesia, our associates in Indonesia will ensure that all your regulatory, administrative and systemic needs are met.

Our Team

Singapore Liaison Office - Synergist LLP

Masturah Mohamed

Masturah is a graduate of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, the global professional accounting body offering the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification.  She has been an integral part of various industries including fashion, education, airline, construction, F&B, not-for-profit and public accountancy.

Indonesian Business Office - PT Angka Konsultasi Utopia

Viondy Yunatan

Viondy has a master in notary from University of Indonesia.  He has an office in Karawang and Jakarta and has handled over 50 cases of incorporations. He also handles other commercial law cases including land sales and purchases in Jakarta, Bekasi and Tangerang.

Angga Raditya

Angga is an accounting graduate from University of Indonesia.  He has been an integral part of KPMG and PwC indonesia handling cases and clients from banking, trading, manufacturing, e-commerce, property holding, SMEs and start-ups.

Kamal Nasar

Kamal has a master in accounting, auditing and control from Erasmus University of Rotterdam.  He had handled cases and clients from banking, insurance, asset management, NGOs and internal audit while in PwC.

Febrian Permana

Febrian is an accounting graduate from University of Indonesia.  He has handled cases and clients from trade, manufacturing, services industry and NGOs during his five years tenure in RSM.

Our vibrant and young team is well-equipped with the latest technological progressions and with our knowledge in local Indonesian business climate will ensure that your other business needs will be met in a customised manner.

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