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Basic accounting course for startups. Learn the fundamentals of accounting to collate your financial data in a meaningful manner.

$350 (fully supportable by skillsconnect)

Register your seat here.


You will receive:

1. Learn fundamental accounting concepts, the elements of financial statements, and usage of basic accounting vocabulary. 

2. Learn the accounting equation in basic financial analysis and an understanding on how the equation is related to the financial statements. 

3. Learn to prepare basic entries for business transactions and skills to present the data in an accurate and meaningful manner. 

4. Learn to produce basic financial statements and interpret & relate between the basic statements. 

5. Learn to compute and interpret basic financial data. 

6. Learn ethics in financial accounting reporting. 

7. Learn the design, integrity, and effectiveness of information systems in the context of a small business.

8. Lecture notes for reference.

Register your seat here.

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