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Strenghten your business connections, get new ideas, further your career, raise your business profile and develop long lasting personal relationships are some of the reasons why you need a winning circle for yourself. Looking to improve others to improve yourself? Why not try peer accountability and support group?

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Our Story

Financial courses are abundant in this gleaming financial capital with the highest number of millionaires per capita in the world. However, in this land filled with financial professionals and gurus, one financial trainer has succeded in bringing Singapore business people with diverse backgrounds together. It is in this magic of friendship that has brought upon a group of people collectively named as AB (which is short for adik beradik, or siblings in malay).

From our rapport, we found that there are many areas of business, micro and small local business can improve in. Through this data analysis on the gaps that can be addressed to better improve sales and performance, a peer-to peer business support group is born.

The Trainer

The group is led by Chairman Mr Abangabu Abuayubul Ansari, a Singapore founder of Now Asia  International who has won numerous titles such as Asia’s Most Innovative Financial Educator and Speaker South East Asia 2018, Asian - China - Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award 2011, Spirit of
Enterprise (from HE President Nathan) 2005 among others.

Our Aims

The group aims to improve communication skills and pitches by members. “As presentations and investment pitches go online, we have to be able to put our points across to audiences who are now seated in their living rooms and being ever distracted by their surroundings” says Masturah Mohamed, founder of accounting firm, Synergist LLP.

Moving forth, the group also hopes to provide their expertise to each other in a segment known as Klinik Usahawan (or Entrepreneur Business Clinic) to help members who may need inputs to their business in each strategic aspect such as regulatory, accounting, sales, IT and digitisation as well as other business infrastructure.

To provide businesses with sustainable sales backed by serious customers, we have also put in place a referral system that provides business with verified customers and vendors that are serious and accountable, thus making the relationship a pleasant and long-term one between seller and
buyer. The long-term aim of this segment is to provide collective bargaining for buyers and sellers.
Members will also be given opportunities to hold Masterclasses within the Winning Circle. These masterclasses aim to promote skill set building for the micro and small business leading to capability development.

For training and educational gaps, Abangabu Abuayubul Ansari will be providing an archive of videos on topics from sales to personal growth and business strategies, among others; so that the group can address that in their own time. This video archive valued at $20,000 is provided as part of the Winning Circle monthly subscription of only $47.

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